Rules and Etiquette

Course Rules

  • All players must register with the golf shop before teeing off.
  • Please repair ball marks on greens, rake bunkers and replace divots.
  • Soft spikes only
  • Golf Canada rules govern all play.
  • All players must have their own set of golf clubs and bag. Two sets in one bag are not allowed for purposes of pace of play.
  • Private power carts are not allowed due to insurance liability issues.
  • Water hazards are marked with yellow stakes and lines.
  • Lateral hazards are marked by red stakes and lines.
  • Out of bounds is defined by the white stakes or perimeter fences.
  • Ground under repair is defined as marked.
  • All persons on or about The Links at Hampton Cove assume all risks of injury to themselves and all liabilities to others for their acts while on the golf course.

Course Etiquette

Pace of Play

Nine holes should take one hour and 45 minutes to play. Players are encouraged to play ready golf through the green.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are permitted at the facility and on the golf course. We ask that you respect your fellow golfers when using your cell phone.


Ladies’ and men’s washrooms are located in the clubhouse. A portable washroom is located near the fifth tee.


Snacks, drinks and alcoholic drinks are available at the clubhouse or from our beverage cart on the golf course. As Hampton Cove 9 is a licenced facility, all guests must purchase and consume all alcoholic beverages from the facility. No one is permitted to bring or consume their own alcoholic beverages on to the property. If they are consuming alcoholic beverages not purchased from the facility, they will be asked to leave the facility without a refund of their fees.  

Dress Code

Golf attire should be neat and consistent with the standards and traditions of the game. Prohibited dress includes:

  • racer backs
  • tank tops and halters
  • bathing suits and related beach wear
  • boots and shoes other than soft spike golf shoes or running shoes