OPEN HOUSE 2022 | DRIVE GOLF Thanks You!

It was an absolute pleasure to meet everyone who attended the Open House this year. It was truly incredible to get to chat with each of you who stopped by, and to enjoy the fellowship, music, food, prizes and amazing festive ambiance!  

It is my privilege and honour to serve as your Golf Teaching Professional and to be a member of the Cove Links family alongside all of the management, staff, passholders, Ladies & Men’s Club members and golfers who make this course such a special place to be. 

I wanted to take this time to personally thank each of you who I was blessed to spend time with in lessons these past few seasons, and for those of you who I’ve had the honour of meeting and getting to know already. I am looking forward to meeting even more of you in the near future, and to continue working with you to help you achieve your golf goals, and to enjoy this great game more than you ever have!

With the course closed now for the winter, and the official “offseason” upon us, I am setup indoors with a Flightscope MEVO+ golf simulator, to do offseason lessons and training. For those of you who are interested in booking some lessons for yourself, or perhaps purchasing lessons for a loved one for a holiday gift, or maybe you’re looking for some different golf equipment (I’m definitely an equipment nerd), or wanting to improve your golf fitness, flexibility, or mental game, please feel free to contact me at or by text message or phone at 778.872.7678. 

Wishing you all a wonderful, safe and enjoyable 2022 holiday season!